Myrtle Beach TimeshareWyndham Ocean Boulevard TimeshareSouth Carolina Timeshare
Usage: Every Year

Week: Float

Bedroom: 2

Selling Price: $17,000
Rental Price: Neg
Points: 154000
Unit: Float
Unit Type: Float
Occupancy: 6-8
The whole family pedaling up and down the beach, stopping whenever and wherever. Ice cream cones in a warm sunshine and sizzling boardwalk burgers – you wouldn’t trade a single bite of this bliss for the fanciest five-star cuisine. The kids think the coolest souvenir this trip was the genuine shark teeth they found on the beach today. But your greatest treasure is that tiny, perfectly formed seashell, now tucked away in a soft handkerchief. You’ll always remember when you found it – watching the sun rise over the Atlantic. On-site amenities include outdoor swimming pool, children’s pool, indoor swimming pool, “Get Out & Play” activities program, beach, exercise equipment, 1 indoor & 2 outdoor hot tubs, playground and masseuse!!!